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About Steven Paul Whitsitt

Steven Paul Whitsitt had to shoot music. It’s not that that is the only thing that he has photographed over his 25+ year photo career. Indeed Steve’s skill set includes Portraiture, Architecture, Food, Fashion, Theatre, and Dance, but there is something about shooting a live show whether in a tiny club, or on a giant stage that gets him firing on all cylinders. From Lolapalooza to Woodstock ’94, from stadium rock to tiny jazz and blues clubs, Steve has shot thousands of shows, always striving to capture that perfect moment, when the still image conveys the art and passion of the musician.

Steve’s love of music began in the 60’s and 70’s in the Detroit area. Though he admits he has “absolutely no aptitude whatsoever to play a musical instrument”, he has always had musicians as friends, and realized when he launched his photography career that it was the perfect vehicle to allow him to collaborate with his favorite people. This has led to shooting over 20 cd covers as well as working on dozens of music videos. The love of all music is the fuel that drives him.

“I have a deep respect and abiding passion for the creative process. It doesn’t matter if my client is a small architectural firm or a Hollywood celebrity, I give the project my utmost best.”

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