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Welcome to my new site

Welcome to my Blog

Thank you for stopping by to my new site. I am very excited to finally present this work. Before I say anything else, I want to express my deepest gratitude to my brand manager/business partner/dear friend Bobbiette, who is really shaking things up and helping me to relaunch Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography. She is responsible for the new look and all of the dynamic elements that you will find on this site, and all of the others that will launch soon. She is being assisted in these efforts by our uber intern/friend Jace Tuan Vo. My gratitude to these two people for building this site and the ones to follow is beyond words.

So why a new site? What are you hoping to accomplish? What’s the plan for the blog?

One of the things that is an undeniable fact as I look back over my long career is that I am a photographer of widely ranging interests and (hopefully) skill sets. Back in my assisting days in LA I worked for all types of specialty photographers (product, food, cars, editorial, portrait, event, music, celebrity, sports). Some of these things I really liked, others, not so much (cars). So when I struck out on my own, I never completely focused on only one discipline. As a result, I have a huge variety of different types of photography that I do, and a giant body of work that goes with each one. I am also still learning and pushing into new areas (thanks again Bobbiette) like fashion and beauty. So rather than have one site with everything represented in a huge, clunky, complicated way. I am planning on having a few sites with groups of images that make sense together.

The first site to go live is the entertainment site which will include photos from the hundreds and hundreds of concerts and club shows that I have photographed over the years, images of the world of dance that I have been documenting for quite a while, and photos from theatre projects that I have worked on. I am very passionate about this site because of my love for the arts. I have always gotten along best with other artists.

This blog will be a place where I share stories (and do I have stories….) and observations in a conversational way. I do really enjoy writing, though I don’t have nearly the confidence that I do in my photography. So I will say this once and emphatically, I am not a writer!!!!! I know writers, many of my friends are writers, I am not.

What I hope to accomplish here is to relate some of the stories and adventures that have made my life a lot of fun. I realize that this is a lot of self indulgence, but I am happy to own that label.

Thanks for reading, I hope it is worthy of your time.

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